What is Reiki?

Rei: The universal/spiritual energy that creates everything.

Ki: The vital energy that is inside every living being

Reiki : The vital energy that is guided by the universal/spiritual energy.

Reiki is a technic of channelling healing energy mostly through our hands.

Reiki was taught to the children in the old civilizations. It is thought that it was taught in the temples and monasteries of Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt and Tibet.

Towards the end of the 19th Century, a Buddhist priest called Mikao Usui rediscovered Reiki in Japan. Through meditation and fasting for 21 days, he saw the sacred geometry symbols that exist in every living being on earth. This was the geometry that humans have in their DNA when they are in balance.

These symbols are used to raise and synchronise the energies in people who receive Reiki therapy or Reiki initiations.

Reiki is in the genetic code of humans, so for this reason, it is a tool that we have within us from birth, that we can recognize and use intuitively.

The human being has always intuitively put their hand where it hurts. The mothers have always calmed their children by caressing them. As Reiki is an inner wisdom, it always shows us the ways of channelling itself. The touch of a human being consists of compassion, healing power and Love. However in this age, the human being has become the slave of their earthly addictions, their desires; such as possessiveness and greed, while going further away from our inner-wisdom source.

We start receiving reiki energy as soon as we are in our mother´s womb. It is a natural power that we have. Whilst we do not have fear in the first phase of our childhood, the warnings that adults direct at us, such as “don´t do that, you will hurt yourself”, “you are a bad boy, you are a naughty girl”, make us begin to lose our personal power.

The child really begins to believe that they are bad and naughty. They start to learn to have fear and that something bad might happen to them. It is in this way where illness finds its way into our system; through fear and the lack of self-appreciation!

A person spends all their life pressuring themselves to stay within the limits that they were taught to create constantly. This is because if they stay within those limits, they feel that they will deserve the love of their surroundings by being a “good girl or boy”.

When one starts to work with Reiki energy, this personal power that has been lost or forgotten, reactivates and the person connects with their own essence. This power within the essence is never lost again during a person´s life.

The person REMEMBERS from their own wisdom that the limits that are placed on them by others, are nothing but an illusion and they remember that nothing is impossible.