Reiki Training

Reiki Training: Tibetian Reiki for the New Era and for the New Human Race

Tibetan Reiki was sent to humanity as a gift in this era of great change, to help us to leave behind the methodical, didactic and unloving patterns of the old system.

Reiki, now comes to us as Usui Master thought, from more than 100 years ago in Japan and also from the wisdom that the ancient Tibetan monks left to us in their sacred manuscripts.

The student is connected by the Reiki master through the use of sacred geometry symbols, to an infinite life energy channel that may have been disconnected throughout their life. They learn how to connect to that channel by themselves and from that moment onwards their evolution with Reiki depends on how much they work with that channel.

Reiki training and therapy can be received by anyone as it does not require a specific level of intelligence or spiritual evolution.

The energy that is passed from the master to the student in the reiki training has a very powerful healing energy. It is not a treatment just for that moment; rather, it is a big change in one´s life that will last forever.

The person, on every level of Reiki that they receive, learns humility more profoundly and helps liberate them from arrogance and pride. They learn to be more “thrifty” with their ego. They see their mission in life and begin to achieve wholeness in body and spirit.

After receiving Reiki initiation, where the blocked energies are turned into healing energy, you may learn to heal yourself, to listen to your heart, to invite abundance into your life as a result of discovering the power of your creativity and intuition.

Tibetan Reiki training is given on 4 levels. The physical illnesses or discomforts can be healed with the initiation and the knowledge that is obtained on the first level. Healing of emotional and mental illnesses and sending healing energy over a distance are learnt on the second level. These first two levels are recommended to be received over 2 days consecutive training.

On the third and during the fourth level (master level) of Reiki training, the reiki energy that is received through the initiations are much stronger than during the first two levels. Hence, the healing process that had already started in the student through the first initiations, is deepened and the strength of healing energy that they can give to themselves and to others increases. Especially, within terminal illnesses such as cancer, these can be healed even more effectively.

The student should wait at least 3 months before passing on to the third level, after receiving the first two levels, as the reiki energy that is received within these first two levels starts a healing process in the student that will last at least 3 months. As a result of this, they need time to assimilate and establish the changes this healing process brings to their life.

In every level of Reiki training, a manual is given, and in the completion of the training, an internationally recognized Reiki diploma is awarded.




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