Reiki Therapy

Reiki Therapy : Natural Way of Healing Illness and Ailments

Reiki heals the patient physically, emotionally and spiritually by penetrating the deepest layers of the illness.

Reiki can be used for emotional and spiritual problems as well as physical ones. Through the constant use of Reiki, balance and harmony between the two hemispheres of the brain can be achieved.

Reiki is strong but at the same time it is as gentle. Throughout history Reiki has been used for healing all types of illness. Reiki can also be used as a support therapy to other therapies including Allopathic (conventional) medicine. For example; it alleviates the secondary effects of chemotherapy that is used to treat cancer by pharmaceutical based (Allopathic) medicine.

Here are some examples of ailments and illnesses that can be treated and healed by Reiki

– Depression

– Inferiority Complex

– Fear

– Phobias

– Loss of consciousness

– Anxiety

– Anger

– Jealousy

– Nervous system disorders

– Bulimia, Anorexia

– Addiction to Alcohol, Tabaco and drugs

– Multiple Sclerosis

– Cancer

– Heart disease

– Skin disease

– Cuts, broken bones

– Insomnia

– Sexual problems

– Epilepsy

Reiki sessions are given together with the sound healing therapy. To watch my sound healing video, please click here!