How does Reiki treat illnesses?

The invisible life energy circulates inside of us and gives us life. If this energy is low, our resistance to illness and stress will be correspondingly low. If this energy is high, our capacity increases accordingly to be healthy and happy.

If the flow of the Ki energy, which is the vital energy, is interrupted through internal or external causes, an imbalance develops within our physical and mental bodies that may also result in illness. Therefore, it could be said that; every illness is a result of the interruption of the Ki energy, and the warning of our soul to correct our mistakes and return us to a path of truth.

Reiki is about raising our physical bodies vibration rather than destroying or replacing bad energies. It aims for us to learn through consciousness rather than suffering. Reiki healing raises the consciousness of the person, so that they discover the reason of their suffering. As a result of that, the thought pattern that creates the illness in the first place is healed as well as the physical body.