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Detaylı Bilgi


Rei: The universal/spiritual energy that creates everything. Ki: The vital energy that is inside every living being. Reiki : The vital energy that is guided by the universal/spiritual energy.

REIKI Therapy

Reiki Therapy : Natural Way of Healing Illness and Ailments. Reiki heals the patient physically, emotionally and spiritually by penetrating the deepest layers of the illness.


Reiki Training: Tibetian Reiki for the New Era and for the New Human Race. Tibetan Reiki was sent to humanity as a gift in this era of great change, to help us to leave behind the methodical, didactic and unloving patterns of the old system.


May your process of change be one full of joy and grace... And as the illusions of the past disappear, may you see how great and powerful a being you are!



During these times of social distancing, I give Reiki courses as one to one private lessons.

You may call me for information and an appointment!

For more information about the Reiki Training, please click here!


I came to Reiki because of an illness, a cancer. During the treatment process with chemotherapy, Hande gave me, periodically, Reiki treatments that helped reduce the side effects of the sessions, but above all to heal my soul, giving me an understanding of what I was living, and with it, doing a deeper in healing in my body. During that time of my life, my eyes shone with a special light, with a sweet love, as I had not had before. In the final phase of my treatment, I received the initiation (training) in Reiki. I felt it was one more step to connect with myself and continue to evolve personally and spiritually. Now, Reiki is part of my day to day life, both in my health and in my life goals. Reiki has changed many aspects of my life, from a deep love, I recommend that if you have reached this page and you are reading this, listen to your heart, follow your intuition, it will show you the place that Reiki can occupy in your lives. I thank Reiki and Hande for the contribution they have made to my life.

Ana Esteban Alonso

My first contact with Reiki was during a course with Hande in November 2010. The course consisted of a weekend, Saturday and Sunday doing first and second level Reiki. I have to say that for me it was an unforgettable experience and a beginning to a different life in which I began to introduce my new Knowledge obtained, in my day to day. It is nice to be able to give Reiki to the people around you and to yourself. As well as being very rewarding, it is a weapon that enables you to deal with your physical and mental pain and for understanding yourself on other levels. My experience of that weekend could be summarized perfectly as a “before and after” that I recommend to everyone.

Mar Martos Granados

What can I say about Hande that her eyes do not tell you, those eyes that speak to you without speaking and transmit to you all her energy, peace and any qualification that can give you harmony. I discovered Reiki 12 years ago, but at that time I only did the first level, until the summer of 2010 that something happened in my life that made me meet Reiki again (and then I found Hande). This is a path that does not give you nothing but good things. Those things that we are looking for throughout life and that we can not reach for that day to day crazy life that we live. With Reiki you can stop and appreciate all the good things that you are leaving behind in every moment. For anyone that has not tried Reiki, I advise you to do so, you will find something in you that you did not know... Thank you Hande for being on my path! A huge kiss!

Maria Angels Martinez Torrente

Hello!!! I reached Hande and Reiki with many questions needing answers, and only in the interview did I find some answers and the rest came when Hande gave me the Reiki initiation. It is difficult to explain if you have not felt it. I found peace within me, that helped me to have more clarity, strength, mental, physical and spiritual health. Reiki is wonderful and Hande is a being of light that transmits the power of Reiki with an infinite and unlimited force. I love Reiki and the state of happiness in which I am. Reiki has helped me to accept myself as I am, to forgive myself and forgive all that needs to be healed ... I continue on the path of light and love with Hande and all the beings of light that thanks to Reiki I find in the path. I can not express in words everything that Reiki and Hande mean to me. I can only give thanks for having found you Hande... Thank you for being as you are and giving us all those moments ... thank you, thank you, thank you ... hug of light for everyone ... Namaste!!!

Maria Navarro

Reiki is energy, it is life, it is love, it is surrender, it is connection with oneself, it is so many things at once!!!! I started 2 years ago with the intention of reaching a better understanding of myself and around me, but without knowing too well what it would mean in my life, I had been told that it marked a before and after and I needed changes in my life and I did not know how to achieve them!!! After the Reiki initiation, I can assure you that there were radical changes in my life. Progressively and at a good pace they were installed: nothing is what it was, I'm not who I was and I'm glad. I have learned to know myself, to understand myself, to respect myself, to value myself, to love myself ... and also to do the same with my surroundings, everything has changed and every day my life is more similar to what I want, to what I need, what I have come to learn! Just this month, I was initiated by Hande, in the third level and I can guarantee that I already foresee many other changes, mainly a greater awareness ... and a lot of light, inner peace and love! Hande is a little angel that crossed my life just when I needed it and I am very grateful, she is a person full of love, sweetness, dedication, a light that I hope to keep always with me!!!!!

Puri Arévalo Lazaro