About Me

Hello, I am Hande! I am one of the messengers of the “New Humanity” and the “New Era”. You may have heard of this new age as the age of Aquarius, the age of crystal consciousness, the age of love, or as the age of the awakening of the power of the feminine energy.

We are all in the process of big changes. The old patterns of the old energy; such as excess of logic, competition, lack of compassion – no longer serve us. The old system that existed in the world thus far is dying, so we are here to create a new system where Unconditional Love and Intuition become our strongest forces for change.

Whilst we are in this process of change, we may find ourselves in energetic imbalance or blocked due to not being able to bare anymore the energies which are not those of Love and Light.

It is in this instance, that Reiki may help us to find our balance, to release us from our heavy emotional layers, and to align ourselves with our “New Being”, to raise ourselves to a vibration where we can open our wings and fly; where we can be ourselves aware of all consequences.

I am a master/teacher and a therapist of Tibetan Reiki, Karuna – Prakriti Reiki and Egyptian Reiki. I was born in 1977 in Istanbul.

I lived the first 5 years of my life with 5 wise women from my family including my great-grandmother. In the following years, I left with my mother to live by ourselves, when in Turkey those days there was not much appreciation of the single woman living alone. After I lived and observed the exclusion and the suffering of the feminine energy to such a high degree, I decided to work

with emotional therapy methods (the emotions are felt in our feminine side by both men and women).

In 1997, I left Turkey and lived in England and Spain for 18 years. At the moment, I am based and work in Turkey and travel the world to offer Reiki training.

I also studied Political Science, Photography, and Sound Therapy.

I work to empower feminine energy, both in men and women as a means of finding the balance between masculine and feminine. This is essential if we are to achieve the balance in this period of our evolution – to the path of peace and love. I give Reiki seminars and initiations, and Reiki therapies as a means of finding this balance.

Here is an interview about Reiki and me: